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Ordering a golf travel package:
advice from seasoned players

There are some things that golfers wish they had known the first time they booked a golf vacation in Portugal. Now that they have the experience, they’re willing to share these nuggets of info with you. Are you a first time visitor to Portugal as a golfer? If you are, here are five things others want you to know before ordering your next golf package to Portugal.

It’s easier than you think

Why waste money going through a travel agent when it’s so easy to book your own holiday? Many of us think that a travel agent is the only way to enjoy a good golf holiday in Portugal. But in fact, it’s so simple to call and book a golf course, get accommodation and buy an air ticket. Doing it yourself will take little time and save you a big chunk of your holiday budget. After seeing how simple it is, many players wish they had gone that route instead of opting for a travel agent. If you have a few extra hours on hand, do it yourself.

Put together the perfect package for YOU

The other great advantage to booking your own holiday is that you get to combine the elements you like most. Don’t like hotels? Go for a rustic little bed-and-breakfast instead. Not a fan of a particular golf course? Choose one that you do like. Then there’s the question of which golf course you will be playing. Find the one that appeals to you and make sure it falls in with the other elements of your vacation. It’s all up to you, so custom design the perfect package for you and your companions.

Do your homework in terms of the golf courses in the area

The golf courses you intend playing can be tricky. Do some research into the course and prepare yourself for what’s coming. If you want an edge over your opponents, do a little bit of homework. It can’t hurt to be prepared. The internet is a great place to do this research. Read some blogs on the courses you’re weighing up. Check out maps and memorise where obstacles are. It also can’t hurt to read up on some of the rules of a course; just to make sure.

Do your homework in terms of the area

The area you are staying in will also have other activities available other than golf. Do some research about these activities and budget for them. You may also need to pack something for the trip, so be sure to do so. That way the holiday is thoroughly enjoyed. Portugal may be famous for golf, but that’s not all there is to do down there. These activities are likely to include:

  • Diving: Scuba diving and snorkelling are big hits in Portugal
  • Surfing: Surf lessons are usually offered by the locals in Portugal—especially in Algarve
  • Horse riding: Enjoy Portugal’s scenery and take a horse ride on the beach or through some of the villages
  • Boating: Looking for a romantic option? Some sailing is sure to set the mood like nothing else

Play challenging courses again

If you’ve just finished a course, why not play it over again. Learning particular courses is what the region is all about. The golf courses in Portugal have been designed to teach and train you in certain techniques. Embrace the challenge and see if you can better your previous score. After all, that’s how we all get better. It’s also how memories are created.


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