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How to Make the Most of Your Golf Holidays in Albufeira

The king of Golf, known as Arnold Palmer, once said, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated”. Mr. Palmer was right, but it hasn’t stopped the entire world from playing and executing your perfect Golf holiday. Albufeira is like no other place for players who love the game, and has become a huge attraction for tourists. With a massive amount of golf courses to play at, you can create the perfect holiday for your next big outing.

To start off, you have to have a game plan for your golf holiday. By simply getting a big group together, considering what resort or accommodations suites everyone's needs; as well as reaching out to golf courses for affordable packages, you’ll have a plan in place.

Round Up the Group

The best way to enjoy a golf holiday in Albufeira is getting a big group together. The bigger the group, the more fun you’ll have on and off the course. Since Albufeira has so much to offer in terms of amazing cuisine, beaches, attractions, and more, you’ll be busy the whole trip.

Another reason to have a bigger group, is to make your golf games more exciting. Having a solid 8 players will result in having the capability of playing best ball, or a simple stoke game between everyone. Besides, golf is more enjoyable with a larger group, especially when traveling to Albufeira for a golf holiday.

Research Courses & Resorts in Albufeira

Now that you’ve assembled your group, and you’re ready to go, make sure you’ve done your homework first on the area. Albufeira has a lot to offer for golf holidays, just depends on what’s your budget. Making sure everyone in your group is on the same level in terms of expenses is vital.

Start fetching for courses that are within the Albufeira area, and organizing an itinerary that suits you and your groups interests. It all depends on if you’re looking to switch up courses, or stay at the same course the entire holiday stay.

Booking Tee Times for the Golf Holiday

Once you’ve done your homework on where you and the group want to play, figure out the best tee times that are available. Scheduling your tee times ahead of time is a must, especially when planning a trip to Albufeira.

Start reaching out to different courses, to see if they’ll accommodate your group with a tee time that works for you. Some courses don’t offer the convenience of having a large group go out at the same time, and this is something to clear up before booking anything in advance.

Golf Package Offerings in Albufeira

If you’re planning this golf holiday to Albufeira, then a golf package could be the best option for you and your large group. Tons of courses, and resorts offer these packages to suit tourists when visiting for their golf holiday. This will save you and your group a lot of money in the long run. Make sure to find the best course that fits your group's interests as well as the best budget.

What to Do When You’re Not Golfing

So the general purpose of this trip is to golf of course, but checking out everything else that Albufeira has to offer should be on the list as well. With amazing restaurants and attractions, you’ll keep busy when off the course.

Wherever you’re staying, make sure to research reviews of specific places to eat within the area. Yelp, is a great tool to use when wanting to decide on a place to eat within your area. Albufeira is known for its beautiful beaches as well. Be sure to check out Praia de Coelha, or Praia dos Pescadores. Just in case you want to take a break from your golf game, there’s also the Zoomarine Algarve, which is a waterpark with a beach and dolphin shows.

Whether you’re going with your family or a large group of friends, there’s always something to do in Albufeira. Start planning today for your perfect golf holiday to Albufeira.


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