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General Recommendations On How To Choose A Golf Instructor

Everyone gets advice from fellow golfers when it comes to improving their game. They mean well and the odd tip may well prove useful. However anyone who wants to build and maintain a solid game needs to get professional help, an instructor who has learnt the game from qualified people as well as the teaching ability to pass things on to pupils. It does not guarantee that everyone will become a scratch golfer but they should be able to make the most of their ability.

A good instructor will be able to assess individual ability and correct obvious mistakes:

  • Beginners often have their basic stance wrong.

  • A swing needs to be a smooth motion with hip rotation.

  • Some people cannot achieve the perfect swing due to physical limitations so the skill is to maximise what is possible.

Look behind the Headlines

There are too many claims headlining how a particular teacher can make everyone a single figure golfer or knock off several shots off an existing handicap in quick time. You should look more closely at what is on offer and look for someone who will concentrate on correcting your obvious faults as a first priority.

It is important that you feel comfortable as the instructor’s approach is friendly and encouraging. Trained instructors should be patient because it will take time for your body and mind to respond as a matter of habit. It is a good idea for pupils to be able to see themselves on video, perhaps with a professional swing superimposed to show differences?

You need to be comfortable with an instructor so the dialogue is two way your question at the next session. That is the best way for you to improve under an instructor’s guidance. Whenever a question arises either face to face or when you are elsewhere, you should get in touch or remember.


You have to be patient yourself because no one is a miracle worker. Indeed many good instructors cannot practice what they preach; you certainly do not have to be golf golfers themselves in order to be able to communicate the basics of good golf to their pupils. It may be tempting to give a well-known name precedence over someone else but it is important to look behind name to reputation for delivering specifically what you are after; a better golf game on a consistent basis.


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