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The Basics Of Golf Iron Play: Ball Position Secrets

This article is about the ideal golf ball position. Where must the ball be placed – will the center of the stance be the correct position when using iron clubs or should it be slightly front or back of the center. Let’s check out some of the secrets of ball position when using iron clubs.

  • The length of the iron club dictates the ball position in your stance. No golfer wants to hit a half-hearted shot; the goal of every golfer is to produce the best result with each stroke. When golfers attempt a shot, the aim is to generate the best launch conditions and impact position. What this means is that you can’t use the same ball position for iron clubs of varying lengths.
  • Assume the correct golf stance and place a club between your feet, in the middle, perpendicular to the ball-to-target line. The extra club is used to indicate certain positions and add accuracy to your stroke.
  • The grip end of the extra club indicates the central position in your stance. Place the ball here if you’re using the shortest club in your bag, namely the wedge. Placing the ball at the center helps in hitting down and creating backspin that’s essential while using the pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. But, our objective is to find the ideal ball position for iron play.
  • Move the ball forward half an inch, from the center, for the next longer club. For instance, if you’re using a 7-iron, then the ball must be moved two inches forward of the central position.
  • The shorter iron club will have an upright swing plane and as the length of the iron club increases the swing angle will become flatter. With a shorter iron the club will stay longer on the target line, whereas as the club length increases the arch angle of the swing also increases. Keep in mind that as the iron club length increases move the ball away from the body to adjust to the increased club length.

All in all, there are three key points every golf must know about ball positioning for iron play: (i) For iron clubs the ball must be placed forward of the center – closer to the lead foot, (ii) The exact place to position the ball must depend on the iron length, (iii) As the iron length increases the ball must not only be moved forward, but also slightly away from the body.


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