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Basic Do's And Don'ts For Those Who Want To Master The Stinger

Ever wanted to master the stinger, or at least wondered what makes other players manage it so well and other players struggle through it? There are so many people who have in the past wanted to make sure that they can learn to perform the stinger. Indeed it is not necessarily one of the most challenging tricks in the game, but it is also not one of the easiest to perform either.

Indeed if you want to learn and perfect the stinger, you will have to consider putting in a lot of effort into practice so that you can eventually manage to nail it. It might take you some time to master this move, but it will all be worth your time and skill in the long run. The following are some simple ideas that will help you on your way to mastering the stinger:

Do this

  • Perfect for windy conditions
  • The stinger, for those who have seen Tiger Woods perfect it in different championships, will often come in handy for you when you need to play cautiously, but still deliver good results. Take a windy situation for example.

    This is a situation where you must get a low but controlled shot which will hit the fairway and run through. You cannot manage this easily with any other move especially on a windy day. But with the stinger, you are good to go.

  • You can play it with any club
  • One of the main reasons why the stinger is coming in handy for most players who have managed to learn it well, is because it is a technique that you can use with any club you have in your arsenal. What this means therefore is that you can use this shot either for the receptive greens through the approach shot, or for any club all the way down to the pitching wedge.

Do not do this

  • Forget to adjust accordingly
  • In as much as this is one of those shots that will boost your game play, it is also one shot that will require a number of adjustments for it to work well. This is why you have only seen perhaps professionals handle it well.

  • Ignore practice sessions
  • Just because Tiger Woods can do it and make it look so easy does not mean it actually is. Lots of practice will get you there. Anything short of that will definitely leave you at a loss.


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