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What You Need To Know About The Types Of Golf Courses

There are so many different types of golf courses to know it helps to do research to learn as much as possible. Knowing this information can help you understand how to play golf better. Part of the sport relies on the design and layout of a golf course. Most courses are not the same even though they may feature similar types of holes and play hazards. Other aspects such as climate, maintenance and even the type of grass and natural elements that make up the course help define the type of course it is. Here are additional details to help you learn the basics about different types of golf courses.

All Courses Are Not Created Equal

You can look at pictures of golf courses and know right off the bat there is something different about them. There are golf courses designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Some courses focus on accuracy and distance. Others offer more challenges such as playing in windy conditions or controlling speed of the ball due to fast greens (grass). There are courses with slopes, hills, lakes, lagoons, trees and other elements that give the course a different look and feel.

Courses Have Different Types of Turf Grass

One element that stands out pretty well with any golf course is the grass. The grass plays an important role in how the ball moves. The grass conditions change as climate changes. These elements can really change how a golfer plans their shots. There are different types of grass most courses are designed with including Bermuda, Bentgrass, Pereinnial Ryegrass and Zoysia. You can learn more about these types including their textures and how they affect ball movement.

Types of Courses to Learn More about

Most golf courses fall under a specific category based on their design and location. Such types in this case are more commonly known and include resort courses, parkland or tree courses, health land courses, link courses and desert courses. One type of course may pose more challenges than another; this could also depend on skill level of the player.

The Type You Play Can Help Your Skill Level

There are avid golfers that enjoy playing on all types of golf courses. There are also those who like certain types due to their design. Whichever you choose there is always an opportunity to improve your play strategies.


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