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The Easiest Golf Drills to perfect Distance Control off the Tee

Golfers always want to cover maximum distance with their driver. The distance covered off the tee has gained such importance that you have to master this aspect of golf no matter what. With the tips and drills given below, you can perfect your distance control off the tee.

Walk through exercise

This drill promotes footwork for the swing and rhythm of your limbs when you take a swing with your club, arms and hands. Place six golf balls in line on the golf course at a distance of 4-5 inches. Take a short iron and work up to it. Reach the first ball and swing your short iron backwards; the left heel should come off the earth. Now, hit the ball. Hit the remaining balls in the similar manner by walking through each of them one by one. You can roll your ankles while you swing your short iron. You can also start your downswing with lateral motion of your knees and feet, which permits the shoulders and hips to respond to the swing of your golf club. When you walk ahead, the hips are not able to open at the impact. Therefore, this drill encourages an inside trail to promote a draw.

Speed drill

This drill promotes the distance control off the tee. Take an alignment rod, which is used to practice alignment of your body at the driveway. Place this rod under the left armpit and position yourself normally for taking a swing. Take a turn like you do for a backswing and now turn around as quickly as you can. You will not be able to attain much speed. Now hold the alignment rod with the normal grip. Flog it through with your arms and hands. You will automatically see and hear the difference of speed. Your arms and hands should be relaxed at this point so that you can pump maximum speed into your swing. When you do the same with your golf club, you will notice the difference. If you keep your arms and hands too much tensed, you will ruin the speed.

Chair drill

This drill aims to improve the rotation of your forearms. Take a chair and sit with a golf club in your front and hold it with a normal grip. Swing the golf backwards and turn your shoulders to take a full swing. You will feel the forearms when they rotate the face of the club, and make even through impact. You have to do this drill without using any golf balls.


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