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Top 5 Golf Contact Drills You Need To Try Out

To have a great game of golf, you need to have a great contact of the golf ball and your golf club. Let us try a few drills for this purpose.

  1. Business card
  2. A few business cards can help you a great deal with the contact of your golf club. Position a business card at the back of the ball. Distance between your card and the ball is established by the traits of the strike of the ball. If you are a beginner, you can place the card a few inches from the ball. When you hit the ball, make sure that the card does not move from its place. A few practice sessions with the business cards will improve your shots.

  3. Headcover drill
  4. Position a headcover at the back of the ball at a distance of one foot slightly on the inner side of the line of target. You need to learn to hit the ball and have an appropriate descending blow to achieve a forward lean of the shaft. You can begin practice swings without any golf ball and focus on striking the turf every time on the side of target of the headcover, and do not touch the actual headcover. When you get comfortable at this drill, you can position the golf ball on the front side of the headcover to strike more shots.

  5. Forward shaft
  6. If you want to compress the golf ball between the ground and the clubface, you need to make the shaft lean with grip end of golf club nearer to your target. This will also let you make a divot once you hit the ball. The professional golfers adopt this method to achieve forward lean of the shaft. Shift your weight on the leading left leg and move the trailing shoulder towards the ball.

  7. Approach the golf ball on proper plane
  8. Most of the golfers who brawl with the impact swing make a steep approach to the golf ball. To create a professional golf contact, you need to develop a motion on plane and blend it with appropriate sequence of movements of your body.

  9. Clubface control
  10. To make your golf ball fly as you want, the clubface has to be square at the contact. If you keep the clubface too open during the impact, it might result in loss of distance and contact. Ideally, the clubface must rotate from a little open before the impact.


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