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How To Improve Putting Consistency Without Wasting Time

Straight, long drives and brilliant approaches are of no use without a good putt shot. Even if you land the ball on the green with a display of excellent golfing skills, your fortunes can soon go downhill with a sloppy putter play.

A large percentage of amateurs take the putter stroke too lightly. They spend hours practicing drives and lobs but spend significantly less time on the putter. They seem to dislike spending time on the green. There is no denying that a good putter play is essential for a low score. In this article, we’ll share easy drills to improve putting consistency without wasting time.

The Clock Drill

The Clock Drill is designed to improve the consistency of the putter play. On the putting practice area, choose a cup. Also, select a distance you usually have trouble scoring from and place a ball on the spot. Place three more balls at different places on the green. All four balls must be the same distance from the target. Now, try to hit all four balls inside the cup. Repeat the drill by moving the ball further by a foot. If you fail to hit the ball into the hole, start over again. We advise you initially start the drill from a distance you usually have trouble with.

Long Putt Drill

On the golf course, long putt shots hit beyond 20 feet, is the norm. Most players have a problem with the longer putt shots because it demands consistency. Here is a good drill to improve your long putt. Take 12 balls and place four each at 25, 30, and 35 feet from the hole. First, hit the three 25-feet balls, then the 30-feet ones, and finally from the 35-feet mark. After completing a round of golf, try one ball each from the three different distances. Repeat the drill till you can land the ball inside the cup from all three distances without missing a shot.

The Coin Drill

This drill helps you improve the accuracy and consistency of putting. You can practice the coin drill at home; no need to visit the driving range. For this drill, golfers need a putter, a golf ball, and a small coin. On a flat surface, place the coin and position the ball a few feet away. With the putter try hitting the ball over the coin. Golf balls that are hit from the middle of the club run over the small coin. Putt shots that are not straight either hit the sides or miss the coin completely. Try to hit over the coin five times, consecutively.


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