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The Most Efficient Pitching Drills For Senior Golf Players

When it comes to playing short golf game shots like pitching, senior golf players must give more attention to their hits. In this article, you will get to know how you can hit the most efficient pitching drills, especially if you are a senior golf player.

Generally pitch shots are between 30 and 40 yards. These shots are also referred to as the mid-range pitch shots, as they occupy the middle ground. In terms of the trajectory of the shot, it can become quite confusing for golfers. This is because in pitch shots, you have to hit the golf ball higher in the air as compared to a chip shot. However, in pitch shots you do not have to make a full swing, as this can result in unequal swing mechanics.

Most of the golfers think that since pitching does not require a full swing, they can exert less force. However, due to this they use their power in a wrong way. They make a big arm swing as well as freeze their body, just because their target is the flag rather than the place where the golf ball should land.

During this, their brain subconsciously thinks that since hitting the golf ball to the flag is far, so they should hang back their body and make a slow impact. However, this, in turn, results in a bad distance control strategy. When pitching, your goal should be to make predictable and consistent contact. This is how you can grow your sense of the distance. This, in turn, begins with making a nice setup. Your setup should be as follows:

  1. Take a little closed stance. Then, square your club face. This will allow you to begin with a correct setup. Now when you swing your club on the plane, your golf ball will reach the target.
  2. While taking your backswing, slightly turn your right wrist, so that the handle of your club stays close to you. Also, turn your body a little from your right side.
  3. While you take the downswing, make sure that your body turns towards the target, along with the same level of your hips at the end. Your grip and hands should come close with the level of your butt. Additionally, your club’s butt should come close to your left pocket. The speed of your club head should be made by revolving your body and by letting your hands out, not by pulling your club’s handle.

So, get ready to grab your club and start making your pitch shots better through this simple yet effective pitching drill for senior golf players.


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