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10 Basic Points To Keep In Mind For Successful Wedge Club Selection

Wedges are mostly used by high handicappers to score well. Wedges come in different categories such as lob wedge, pitching wedge, gap wedge and sand wedge. If you are a high handicap golfer, you can practice your game of golf with a 60-degree wedge or higher. You need to know the basics of wedges before you go and buy them.

  1. The loft of a wedge is calculated in degrees along with the angle of the face of club.
  2. The wedge you select should assist you to hit the ball closer to the pin. Different types of wedges have a difference of four to five degrees between them.
  3. Pitching wedge has a loft between 46-48 degrees. Gap wedge has a loft between 51-53 degrees. Sand wedge has a loft between 54-58 degrees. Lob wedge has a loft between 58-60 degrees.
  4. Bounce of a wedge is the angle of its sole and the ground.
  5. Wedges that have a higher angle of bounce perform in the high grass or fluffy sand.
  6. A wedge with lower bounce is executed better on golf courses that have thin bunker beds and tight lies.
  7. You can select the following wedges on the basis of grounds you play at:
    • For grounds with deep rough, tall grass, and fluffy sand; you can select a high bounce wedge above 14 degrees.
    • For golfers who play under soft conditions and leave thin divots, a wedge with standard bounce of 10-14 degrees is ideal.
    • If you play at compacted, tight sands and for fairway shots and tight lies, you can choose a wedge with low bounce of 0-10 degrees.
  8. Wedges are available in a wide range of material finishes like satin, chrome, raw and gunmetal.
  9. Though all kinds of finishes wear over time, you can choose a wedge that you like the most.
  10. The best finish in case of wedges is the raw one because it develops rust after some time and helps to add spin to the golf ball.

An optimal set of wedges

There is no recommended set of wedges that can be said standard for any golfer. You have to observe the conditions of golf course and your handicap. One advice that can be given is that you should carry a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a gap wedge to your golf course for best performance.


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