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Free Golf Swing Tips And Instructions For Beginners

A golf swing may come off as something natural or easy when watching professionals, but it actually requires work and practice since it is a pivotal element of your golf game. There are many actions you can take to get your swing where it should be. There are golf study materials such as books and magazines. There are lessons you can take with an instructor or video tutorials to watch to get better visual sense. You should also work to improve elements of your backswing, downswing, and full swing. Here are a few simple tips for beginners when it comes to golf swing skills.

  • Learn basic elements about golf swings. The backswing includes elements such as takeaway, halfway back position and top of swing position (half or full backswing). The downswing includes elements such as impact, extension and rotation, follow through and transitioning to the down swing. The full swing includes understanding how it is completed with different irons and ball flight.
  • Hinge wrists to give your swing more power through your hands. Sometimes a golfer may not hinge their wrists or have too much tension, leading to their swing performance to be poor or have a poor result.
  • Don’t just rely on your arms to give your swing power. Your body can give you power when you move through your shot. Pay attention to positioning of your shoulders, legs, hips and your spine. They may vary a little depending on the shot but they work together to give your swing more power with your hands.
  • For better accuracy and ball striking be sure your spine is in line with your forearm. You will understand this aspect better when you swing. When you have the club in the air at the top of your swing your forearm should be in line with your spine before the clubhead comes downward.
  • To establish low trajectory keep your hands low when swinging at the ball. Lifting your hands up as you swing can make the ball go higher, but only if this is the result you want.
  • Establish solid plane when you swing to reduce risk of slicing. A solid plane will help the clubhead move across in a straight line.
  • Don’t let your body get too far in front of the ball or flipping occurs. Also known as early release, you need to keep your head behind the ball and establish a closed face.

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