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A Hassle-Free Way To Organize A Golf Vacation In Europe

Ask people their most desired golf holiday destinations, and an overwhelming majority would answer Europe. It’s no surprise, the country of origin of this beautiful sport and some of the top golf courses in the world are situated in Europe. If you’ve made up your mind, decided to spend your holidays with family, friends, or solo in the golf courses of Europe, then pack your bags and get ready for a round of golf in the continent. But, before you book the tickets you need to organize the golf vacation, and for that you need a plan. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Start with the basics – Budget and Location

You’ve decided to go to Europe; this obviously means you can afford the golf vacation. What you’ve to decide is how much can you spend without feeling guilty of overspending or making a dent in your savings. Make sure you clearly understand what everyone in your family or group expect from the golf trip, how much will it cost to satisfy everyone’s expectations, does your proposed budget allow for additional expenses, etc. Based on answers to these questions, decide on a budget range, and start looking for a golf vacation package.

Next, zero in on your golf destination; Europe is not specific enough to organize a trip. Golf destination is one of the important variables that influence your budget, accommodation, and every other element of your plan. If you want to introduce your kids to the game at the birthplace of golf, then Scotland should be your destination. On the other hand, for those who are very particular about the weather – sunny mornings with a gentle breeze – then mainland Europe must be your choice. Decide on where in mainland Europe to play; Portugal, Spain, Italy, and many other countries offer excellent golf facilities for golf enthusiasts to enjoy.

Get into specifics – Research golf courses and Accommodation

From friends, at work place, or through magazines you might have gathered information about golf courses to play at your preferred holiday destination. This is no substitute for thorough research; keep in mind, it isn’t a good idea to postpone this till the last minute. Use the internet to find the best golf courses and the accommodation options available.

Regarding the golf courses, find out the tee time fee, the rates on weekdays and weekends, discount rates for reservation later in the day, etc. If your group has agreed on the course and accommodation, don’t delay, advance registration can save you money and any last minute hiccups. To reduce your burden and save some cash, you can avail the service of travel or third party agency.

With research and planning, organizing your golf vacation to Europe will be less stressful and more fun.


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