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Advanced Golf Club Selection Strategies That Make Wonders

How can you get better at choosing the right club for every golf game situation you find yourself in? There are four keywords we want you to remember when answering this question: Strategy, practice, experience and equipment. Let’s look at each one more closely.

Strategy: External factors that influence your shot

When considering which club to use, it’s best to consider all factors related to the present situation. If you base your club selection on past experience, you may not get the result you want. Why? Because you are now in a different situation and the external influences are different too. Some of these factors include:

  • The direction and strength of the wind
  • Your lie; how good is the lie and is the ground surface different?
  • The angle of your surface; is it downhill, uphill or straight?

Practice: Practice with all your golf clubs

After you’ve played a game, there will always be one or two moments you regret. Think back to those moments and replay them in your practice sessions. Set the ball up in the same way it was when you messed up the shot. Analyze the club you used and practice that same shot over and over until you understand your mistake. Once you have identified the error, work on fixing it. The next time you play with that same club, you will have mastered it.

Experience: Know your skill with the club

Many golfers make the mistake of basing their club selection on how far the club should hit the ball—rather than on how far the player can hit the ball with the club. Know your abilities with each club. A six-iron in the hands of another player will never deliver the same shot as it will in your hands. So more important than knowing your clubs is knowing your own skills and what you can do with those clubs.

Equipment: Using your club to hit a great shot

Using the right club during a golf game can make up for a lack of technique and experience. But here again it’s so important for you to understand your skills in relation to the clubs you use. If you feel that a sand wedge is better for pitching than a pitching wedge, then be confident in using that club for the shot.


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