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Best Golf Backspin Tip To Help You Fix Your Weaknesses

When you are up against a green with the pin close to the front you have little room to error. Overcoming such tricky situation is what differentiates an amateur from a professional. The experienced and skilled golfers bring out their A-Game. They hit the ball a few yards behind the pin and make the ball back up. The ability to create enough backspin on the ball to make it back-up is a very handy skill. It’s true that you create backspin in every shot and the ability to create and control backspin can fix many of your weaknesses.

The Set-Up

There are many factors that determine the amount of backspin that’s generated. We begin with the set-up. Assume a slightly narrower than normal stance and position the ball a little back of center. Having a narrow stance will help you achieve a steep swing plane. This is done so that the club head hits the ball first. Next, take an open stance and aim slightly to the left of the target. At the time of address your weight, nearly 75% of it, must be on the front foot. Keep the club face open to allow it to slide underneath the ball.

The Swing

As stated above to generate backswing a steep swing place is very much necessary. A steep plane will help you hit a downward stroke with decent acceleration. Before the swing, make sure that the hands are in front of the ball so that at the time of the impact the hands are ahead.

With a minimal movement of the body play the backswing with the club head taken straight back and at the time of the downswing maintain the same weight distribution. We repeat again, your main objective must be to give the ball a downward strike. During the downswing, maintain a firm grip and do not allow the club to roll over. When the club face hits the ball slightly at the bottom, the ball will fly spinning in the air. What happens is that at the time of impact the ball is pressed between the ground and the club face, and when it escapes it creates considerable backspin.

The Type of Club to Use

An often asked question is about the type of club to use? Clubs that have higher loft usually create more spin on the ball. So, the ideal choice is to use any club, from 7-iron to a wedge. It’s difficult to back spin the ball with clubs that are longer than the 7-iron.


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