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5 Key Spots On The Map Of Vilamoura Golf Courses

Vilamoura in Algarve, Portugal needs no introduction. It’s the most popular golf destination in the Algarve region. It’s not difficult to guess why. A number of golf courses that have been adjudged the best in the world are situated in Vilamoura. There are around 18 golf courses in and around the city. After much research and analysis, we’ve picked the five key spots on the map of Vilamoura golf courses you need to visit.

Oceanico Victoria Golf Course

The Oceanico Victoria, opened in 2004, might be a relatively young golf course, but it’s one of the best in the region. The architect, A. Palmer has created a masterpiece. The Oceanico Victoria is also famous for its challenging nature. Even experienced golfers will have a hard time here. The course has very little vegetation and plenty of water hazards that run through many holes.

Oceanico Old Golf Course

The Oceanico Old is one of the oldest courses in the region. It was created in the year 1969 and again modernized in 1997. The original course was designed by Frank Pennink as a parkland course. The Oceanico Old is among the 100 best golf courses in the world. Over the years the course management has adopted many environmentally friendly practices and follows the guidelines set by ISO 14001 standards.

Oceanico Laguna Golf Course

So close to the sea, many doubted a golf course could be created on the marshlands. But, Joseph Lee, the architect of the course surprised everybody designing one of the best courses. The main characteristics of this course are the wide fairways, difficult water hazards, and tactically placed 79 bunkers. Don’t be intimidated by the many obstacles and challenging nature of this course. Players who are accurate can conquer the course with ease.

Oceanico Millennium Golf Course

The Oceanico Millennium was created by taking nine holes from the Laguna and adding a new set to make a full-size course. The beauty of the course is that it’s fairly open at few places and some holes have decent vegetation cover. Since the Oceanico Millennium is a blend of two set of holes, players will experience different challenges in this one course.

Oceanico Pinhal Golf Course

The Oceanico Pinhal opened in 1976 is the second oldest course in Vilamoura. Like the Old course, this too was designed by Frank Pennink. Over the years many improvements and additions have been made to the course. The last major restructuring and renovation were done in 1985 by Robert Trent Jones Sr.


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