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5 Professional Tips On How To Drive Long On The Golf Course

Playing the long drive on the course is not something that you need to worry yourself about. If you do not know how to do it, some practice will help you get there just fine. For those who already know how to play the long drive, you can remember the times when you were just learning, how hard you had to work in order to perfect it. You are now in a better position, so you should strive to keep things up. This means that you need to keep practicing so that you get better at it every other day.

The following are some professional tips that will help you learn to play the long drive on the golf course, and from there, with a lot of practice, you should be able to overcome your long drive challenges:

  • Establish the correct swing
  • Succession in motion
  • Power build up
  • Maintain balance
  • Focus on the target

Establish the correct swing

Like most of the other shots, without a proper swing you will not be able to master the long drive. Use an iron or a wood for the drive because these are designed to give you some good distance. This will also help you improve your posture length and you are also able to distribute your feet properly.

Succession in motion

Swinging and the drive are supposed to happen in sequence. For beginners, the weight carryover is not so easy, but with time it will come to you, so be patient and keep practicing, and you will eventually figure out how to make it work.

Power build up

Do not use a lot of power on this shot. You should not even use your power to send the ball into the air. What you are supposed to do is to build up appropriate power necessary for the shot, and then discharge at impact and let the club do the rest.

Maintain balance

Keeping a good balance on the ground is important if you are to make this shot. Without proper balance there is a good chance of you toppling over on the stroke.

Focus on the target

Keep your eye on the target, not the ball. With some practice you should be able to position yourself properly in such a way that you no longer have to keep your eyes on the ball before hitting it.


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