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8 Must-Read Tips On How To Choose A Good Golf Instructor

One investment serious golfers should consider is working with a golf instructor. If there is areas of your game that need improvement working with a skilled professional may do the trick. There are things to keep in mind when choosing an instructor. You want someone who is experienced and qualified to give instruction. They should be open to listening to your concerns and make an effort to include them in their lesson plan for you. They should be affordable and their lessons should be easy for you to learn while being compatible with your play ability. Here are 8 tips to help you select a good golf instructor.

  1. Be compatible with your needs and be willing to work with you. They should know how to help you see improvement and even offer suggestions on how to improve weaknesses while showing interest in your needs.
  2. Make things fun and interesting while providing much needed instruction. A good instructor should know how to make things fun without being so boring. Other than that you may have a difficult time following through their instruction and lose interest.
  3. Provides much needed attention to problem areas by customizing their skills to your needs. When you mention areas you want to work on in your golf game what kind of suggestions will be made to ensure these areas get attention?
  4. Price should match instruction. Experienced instructors may offer lessons at affordable rates, but you shouldn’t overpay for something you can learn on your own.
  5. Is the instructor qualified with the right credentials? Do they have proper accreditation that is active? Take a look at their background and get an idea of how they are qualified to teach.
  6. Good communication skills? Are you able to ask questions, leave feedback and get answers to questions you have in a good amount of time? Are they able to provide instruction in a way that is easy to follow and understand?
  7. Understand their method or way of teaching. Do they come up with a plan already before you receive instruction or do they create a plan based on your goals?
  8. Get insight from other students about an instructor’s teaching style and learning experience. Check with others who have worked with the instructor to get an idea of how well they work with others.

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