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Quick Golf Tips From An Expert On How To Improve Short Game

When it comes to golf, many new players really struggle with their short game and chipping in particular. Some just have a natural affinity to swinging a driver and hitting the ball far off the tee, but when it comes to some touch, feel and finesse, they are lost.

In this article, we will look at a number of things that you can consider to help improve your short game immensely, particularly your chipping.

If you need to chip, make sure you hit the green in one shot.

Now this is often easier said than done, but in all honesty, if you need to chip, make sure you chip only once. The thing about chipping is that your lie is always very different. You may be on the fringe of the green, or stuck in a bunker, or heaven forbid, in some very long rough. Each of these chips requires skill. This is where practice comes in. Either try different scenarios out on the range or even out on the course, play your ball and then play another ball, particularly if your shot didn’t hit the green. Remember, you should only do this after consulting your playing partners and not holding up anyone playing behind you. Your first shot counts as your score.

Pay attention to your hands

Take note, the motion you use when chipping and putting are not the same. This is something that is often taught but in fact is incorrect. When chipping, the motion of your hands and wrists are crucial and in fact, they do all the work.

Your wrist must hinge properly to ensure that your club is able to get up and over the grass, or sand you may be chipping from. This also ensures that you still hit in a downwards motion as well which helps you get under the ball. The hinge effect must come from your dominant hand, first up as you start your backswing and down as you strike the ball. This will not only cause the ball to plop onto the green and stop but also to launch it enough to make sure it gets there.

Find a chipping club

Believe it or not, it is best to find a club that you like chipping with and sticking with it. Don’t chop and change. Getting the feel for one club is the best way to improve your chipping. Many people swear by the sand wedge in this regard.

At the end of the day, improving your chipping game is like many other aspects of golf. Practice certainly makes perfect.


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