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A Quick Review Of Golf Courses In Lagos For Amateurs

Traveling to Lagos to enjoy a golf getaway can be a great experience. There are many golf course options offering great plays throughout the course for amateurs. The key is to find golf courses designed for beginners. Try to find something that reflects your abilities. Take your time researching options. Check scorecard details for further insight on each hole. You can also check golf blogs for more ideas on suggests amateurs may find useful. Here are some points to help put things in perspective.

Tips for Amateurs on Finding a Course

The right golf course depends on personal skill and experience. Ask people you know about golf course options for amateurs. You can complete a detailed review for different golf courses depending on where it is located. Contact the golf course and ask more questions about how suitable the course is for amateurs. You may learn additional information on the course, along with tips on how to play certain holes.

A Few Golf Courses to Consider

Lagos offers a few golf course option beginners can learn more about through research. There are courses with different scenery and overall feel. It may take some time for someone new to adjust, but like with any course you learn to work around it and find a few favorites to consider playing again. Here is a brief list of possible option to further research.

  • Onyria Palmares Golf: This 18-hole golf course has received high ratings by travelers for stunning views, challenging holes, and overall great condition. The course is also known for offering affordable green fees and promotional deals during certain times of the year. The Palmares features putting green, pro shop and driving range.

  • Boavista Golf Course: An 18-hole course offering a great experience as it features chipping greens, putting greens, golf academy, spa and more. This course is known for having the most players repeat their booking with close to half of the players having played the course more than once.

  • Santo Antonio Golf Course: An 18-hole (par 71) golf course featuring various facilities including putting green, driving range, health and beauty, gym, pro shop and more. The course is known for having many hills testing player accuracy. It features a unique layout many players enjoy. Some say it helps to play the course after becoming more familiar with it.

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