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Golf Fitness: 7 Quick Tips From A Professional Coach

One of the most important aspects to any golfer when wanting to keep their game on point is fitness. There are many aspects that can make your game even better when regularly keeping your body in tip top shape. This can be something as simple as stretching to improve flexibility to something more intense such as cardio or strength training to keep muscles in shape. There are many value tips and suggestions golfers can learn from professional coaches when it comes to keeping their bodies in shape. Here are 7 tips to consider from a professional standpoint on golf fitness.

  1. Know the significance of stretching. This element not only helps get the player warmed up before playing, but it can improve hitting accuracy and help create smoother strokes. Some players neglect stretching prior to playing but a few simple stretches for just a few moments before your first shot can make a big difference.
  2. Find golf exercises to help you warm up. You can choose which is best based on what you are willing to do. Golf is somewhat of a demanding sport when it comes to certain parts of the body such as your legs, arms and lower back. Look for warm up exercises you can do on the course and be willing to practice at home to help get in the habit of keeping your body flexible.
  3. Create a golf strength training routine. Look into different exercises that focus on strengthening muscles. These can help you eventually develop a strong swing and better control of the ball.
  4. Practice swing technique to reduce risk of muscle and joint stress. You can do this with or without your club. The idea is to pay attention to how your body moves as you swing and pinpoint any areas of concern that could use improvement.
  5. Create a golf training exercise routine for off season. For example consider adding cardio activity. There are different options to consider based on your physical wellbeing and what you hope to accomplish.
  6. Maintain a good diet and watch calorie intake. A good diet not only helps you stay in shape, but it can improve ability to focus on the course. Learn about dieting tips used by professional golfers.
  7. Keep your mind sharp. Part of playing golf is to understand skill techniques and developing a solid play strategy with visual and mental abilities.

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