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4 Great Methods To Improve Your Long Drive

I’m sure no golfer would complain about hitting the ball too far from his intended target. Even if the target spot is at 200-yards from the tee, the player would want to add a few extra yards to his/her drive. The long drive, the shot that only the most experienced players possess can be yours. All you have to do is follow the below-given methods.

Stay relaxed

The first drill or advice or secret of a long drive is simple – stay relaxed during the swing. You don’t have to force the shot or gather every scrap of energy in your body to play the drive. Try a less forceful approach – use only 80-85% of your capacity to hit the ball. When you’re relaxed and not forcing the stroke you’ll have better control over the direction, angle, and accuracy of the drive. With these three elements in your control, you can achieve the distance you want. Keep in mind, brute energy isn’t everything in the golf drive; force is essential, but it’s just one of the elements of the drive.

Keep the feet on the ground

Improper shoulder turn can ruin your drive – it’s as simple as that. You might have other technical and posture faults, yet, manage to play a decent drive. But, having proper shoulder turn is a must. When you play the drive, your shoulders must rotate till the right shoulder (for right-handed golfers) is at 90 degrees to the target line.

To get the shoulder rotation right here is a drill. With your feet firmly on the ground and a shaft placed across the shoulders try to drive the ball. Take a relaxed swing and at the end of the stroke see whether the shoulder has reached the 90 degree mark. If it’s a no, then practice till you get it right.

Whoosh drill

The club head must be at its peak speed at the point of impact for long distance drives. Most golfers know this fact, but to achieve it, it’s essential to have a rhythmic downswing. The best method to gain the ideal downswing is using the Whoosh drill.

Assume a normal stance and instead of holding the club at the butt end, reverse and grip the club at the other end. Now, swing the club multiple times. During each swing pay attention to the sound that the zippy motion of the club creates. If the ‘whoosh’ sound is the loudest before or after the point of impact, then you need to practice more. Practice this drill until the whoosh is loudest at the point of impact.

Slightly tilted spine posture

Descending blow is good, but it’s just not right for the drive. A slight upswing hit will give the ball necessary loft and lesser spin to take the ball higher and longer towards the fairway. To hit on the upswing, place the ball slightly forward of center. Slightly tilt your spine towards the right (in the case of right-handed golfers) while addressing the ball. Furthermore, the left shoulder must be slightly higher than the right shoulder.


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